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Many entrepreneurs and homeowners in Houston, Crosby, Atascocita, and Baytown, TX spend considerable amounts of money on landscaping because it can greatly increase the aesthetic and the financial value of their property. If you are also about to spend money to beautify your outdoors, your best bet would be to invest in the services of a professional company with a solid track record. This way you are sure to get the most for every dollar you spend. And one company that can provide you reliable and professional services is Baytown Landscaping & Construction. We’ve been serving several cities in the state for decades already, making us experts in this industry.

Laying a Sustainable Foundation for Your Landscape

If you’ve ever seen landscapes that evidently went through a lot of work but did not thrive, you know what a failed landscaping project looks like. Many harbor the misconception that having their outdoor areas “done” is just a matter of putting in some grass and some plants. When the process is taken through this simplified route, the plants will begin to look scraggly and the grass will begin to wither after a while. Don’t let these things happen on your outdoor area by getting the services of professional landscapers like us at Baytown Landscaping & Construction. We know that you will only get temporary satisfaction from short cuts. That’s why when we work on the landscape you envision, we devote serious effort in planning and installing the various landscape elements.

We carefully prepare your outdoor area to ensure you get a lush and blooming landscape all year round. During this stage, we survey the different areas in your property to help us identify the type of soil, topography, and other important factors. We determine which places have well-drained soil and which places have little or no topsoil. This is how we ensure a sustainable foundation for your landscape.

Landscape Installation Done by Professionals

After the prerequisite land and ground preparation is done, we complete the installation phase by putting in the fundamental elements of your landscape. These can include patios, decks, walkways, water features, and the various softscapes, such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. During this phase of the landscaping process, we ensure that the areas that need to be paved, places that need turf, and specific spots that need other types of ground cover are carefully prepared for installation.

Premier Landscaping Company in Harris County

Our company has established a sterling reputation for landscaping in Houston, Crosby, Atascocita, and Baytown in Texas. We are able to achieve this because we work closely with our clients to create a viable plan for commercial or residential landscapes. We keep an inventory of various plants, shrubs, and trees to make sure that you will get the plant variety that will grow well in specific areas in your garden. We also use only premium supplies and materials in all our projects, big or small.

If you want more information on our landscaping services, please drop by at our Crosby office or give us a call. We will listen carefully to your ideas and work with you to create the landscape that will truly complement your home or building.

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