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At Baytown Landscaping & Construction, we specialize in installing various types of irrigation systems for residential and commercial landscapes. Wherever you may be in Crosby, Houston, Baytown, or Atascocita, TX, rest assured that we can provide you with the appropriate system for your lawn or landscape.

With more than 30 years of experience, we can definitely deliver your expected results and keep your entire landscape looking lush and staying healthy all year long. Our team of expert irrigation system installers will be more than ready to hear your needs and install the right system for your landscape.

Irrigation Systems that We Install

Different plantings require specific hydration volume and frequency. This means that choosing and installing the wrong irrigation system could be counterproductive and cause your lawn turf to wither or your plants to die.

Our company gives you the assurance that such scenario won’t happen, especially not with the help of our team of expert landscapers. They can correctly pinpoint your landscape’s specific water supply needs and then recommend and install the right system. Specifically, we can install these irrigation systems:

  • Drip/micro-irrigation. This highly efficient system targets plants’ roots with very minimal cash outlay to install. If you have lots of shrubs, dwarf trees, and groundcover, this should be your top choice. However, if you’re planning to use it for your turf or lawn area, then you may want to consider other systems.

  • Spray irrigation. This system is characterized by pop-up heads that only activate when needed, hence saving water and keeping accidental tripping incidents at bay. This is ideal for use in areas that span up to 15 feet. The drawback to it is that it can lead to water wastage since it’s an imprecise system. However, proper design and installation can address this issue.

  • Rotary sprinkler. The rotary sprinkler irrigation system is recommended for large lawns or landscape areas because it can cover up to 100 feet. It requires high water pressure for optimum performance, as well as a regular check of the rotary heads for sticking issues. We commonly install this type on vast lawns and other large areas, such as commercial landscapes and golf courses.

Texas’ Reliable Irrigation System Providers

When it comes to irrigation system concerns, you should only put your full trust on certified personnel if you want to get the benefits that you need. At Baytown Landscaping & Construction, we can deliver your expected results because we have already installed numerous watering systems in commercial and residential properties in Houston, Atascocita, and nearby areas. Our access to the best materials and our complete tools and equipment mean that you can have the best system installed. Best of all, our offered rates are very competitive so you won’t have to stretch your budget needlessly.

Aside from installation, we also offer repair and maintenance services of all types of irrigation systems. You can simply call us when a component gets damaged, and we will repair it at once. We could also visit your area on a scheduled basis to carefully check and perform maintenance procedures to keep the entire system in tip-top condition.

If you want to know more about our installation and maintenance services, please feel free to visit us at our Crosby office, or call us at (281) 851-8684.

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